Executing the Mission

Naval Oceanography provides critical information from the ocean depths to the most distant reaches of space, meeting needs in the military, scientific, and civilian communities.

Lines of Effort

  • Oceanography — measuring, understanding and predicting to improve decision-making
  • Meteorology — modeling and characterizing to ensure fleet safety and effectiveness
  • Hydrography — surveying and charting the oceans for safety of navigation and tactical superiority
  • Astrometry — precise time and astrometry provides foundational standards for navigation, targeting, communications and assured command and control
  • Other fields our 2500 Sailors, Scientist, and Engineers work in: Electronical Engineering, Cyber Security, Astrophysics, Climatology, Supercomputing, Computer Science, Geophysics, Marine Biology, Marine Geology, Bathymetry, Acoustics, and more.
Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command | 1100 Balch Blvd. | Stennis Space Center, Mississippi 39529