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News! From The Naval Observatory

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Dr. Rachel Dudik named as new Scientific Director, USNO  (01/05/2024)

USNO Celebrates 150th Anniversary of "First Light" of the "Great Equatorial" Telescope  (11/13/2023)

USNO Hosts Delegation From International Astronomical Union  (05/10/2023)

U.S. Naval Observatory Hosts Hall of Fame Ceremony for GPS Pioneer  (04/19/2023)

USNO Astronomer Leads Effort to Precisely Locate Sagittarius A* in the International Celestial Reference Frame Using Absolute Astrometry  (01/19/2023)

USNO Astronomer Makes Major Breakthrough in Unifying the Celestial Reference Frame (12/7/2022)

USNO Astronomer Leads Study that Questions Structure of the Universe (10/11/2022)

The "Shortest" Day?  (8/8/2022)

USNO Astronomers Create New Catalog of the Fundamental Properties of Supermassive Black Holes that Comprise the ICRF  (6/17/2022)

Captain Hartwell F. "Rip" Coke becomes 58th Superintendent, U.S. Naval Observatory (01/12/2022)

USNO Marks 50 Year Anniversary of Breakthrough Relativity Experiment​ (10/15/2021)

USNO Astronomer Leads Breakthrough Study that Questions Current Cosmological Understanding of the Universe  (3/1/2021)

USNO Astronomers Peer into Hearts of Supermassive Black Holes; Discover New Relationships Between “Quiet” and “Noisy” Black Holes  (3/1/2021)

Are Negative Leap Seconds In Our Future?  (2/11/2021)

In Memoriam:  Paul D. Shankland, Ph.D., 1961 - 2020

In Memoriam: Victor J. Slabinski, Ph.D., 1940 - 2020

USNO’s James M. Gilliss Library Joins Consortium  (4/14/2020)

USNO Staff Members Named as First AAS Fellows  (4/10/2020)

USNO Breaks Ground on New Master Clock Facility  (2/10/2020)

CAPT David R. Kuehn, USN becomes 57th Superintendent, USNO  (10/25/2019) 

USNO’s NISTEx-II Instrument Successfully Launched on May 4, 2019  (5/13/2019)


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