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Publications of the USNO


In addition to scientific publications by USNO staff, the USNO has also published other documents in the course of pursuing its missions. Please not that this not a complete listing, but a rather a sampling of the materials that we have. If you want more information on a document listed here, or to see what other materials published by the USNO that the library has a copy of, please search our card catalog. If you are interested in our annual Almanacs, please click here to go to the USNO Astronomical Applications Department Almanac pages.
Please click on a specific publication for more details:
The Washington Observations (1846-1898) [Also called the First Series]
Prior to 1846, see [M. Yarnall, J. E. Nourse, J. R. Eastman and E. S. Holden,] Instruments and Publications of the United States Naval Observatory, 1845-1876, Appendix I to Washington Observations for 1874 (Washington, 1877), pp. 8-9; E. S. Holden, A Subject-Index to the Publications of the United States Naval Observatory, 1845-1875 , Appendix I to Washington Observations for 1876 (Washington, 1879); William D. Horigan, List of Publications Issued by the United States Naval Observatory, 1845-1908 (Washington, 1911)


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