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NEWS | June 10, 2022

JTWC Int’l Roadshow Strengthens U.S.-Japanese Alliance

By Mr. Jonathan B. Holloway, CNMOC Public Affairs

Naval Oceanography’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) visited the Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA) during JTWC’s 2022 International Roadshow, June 10.
JTWC’s Director, Mr. Brian Strahl and its Training Department Head, Dr. Owen Shieh executed the visit, offering training to JMA’s forward-deployed weather personnel—focusing on tropical cyclone operations and JTWC warnings as well as decision-support products—ultimately reinforcing the U.S.-Japanese partnership alliance.
“The alliance between Japan and the United States is the cornerstone of peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific", said Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday during a recent meeting with the Chief of Staff of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF).  “Our bond with Japan has never been stronger…we share a common vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific and, together, we will work tirelessly to ensure and maintain security and stability in one of the world’s most important regions…as well as engage in productive discussions on how our navies can accelerate critical advances in interoperability.”
This particular roadshow helped maintain a vital alliance-relationship considering two-years of travel restrictions—and past roadshows hosting an extended three-day training course (in-person) with a deep-dive into fundamentals of tropical meteorology conducted by JTWC’s Training Department Head
“Re-establishing an in-person international roadshow has proven invaluable for JTWC and our strategic partners….while we executed virtually the last two years due to the pandemic, face-to-face engagements are crucial to continuity and awareness of our support,” said CDR Angela Francis, JTWC Commanding Officer. “We will continue to offer virtual training to sites unable to attend in-person, and look forward to adding more operational stops during our future roadshows.”
Strahl and Shieh presented a plaque commemorating the visit and long-standing mutual partnership between each agency to JMA’s Director General for Atmosphere and Ocean, Mr. Takashi Mori, and Head of the Regional Specialized Meteorological Center (RSMC), Mr. Takuya Hosomi.
"Most recently, the Marine Corps hosted the three-day course on Camp Foster, Okinawa in April and again on Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni during the final portion of the 2022 Road Show, furthering a broader and deeper understanding of JTWC operational products and tropical meteorology analysis and forecasting techniques across the naval services," said Shieh. 

In addition to discussing the strategic partnership and continuing liaison efforts, the meeting provided opportunity to thank JMA for providing real-time radar data to the Office of Naval Research (ONR).
Access to JMA’s radar network across Japan’s mainland and throughout Ryukus will boost Naval Oceanography’s understanding of the environment in this key geographic location.
Additionally, Strahl and Shieh participated in a technical exchange with scientists from the Tokyo Typhoon Center, followed by a tour of JMA’s operations floor.
The visit emphasized the vital role meteorology and oceanography plays in battlespace awareness as strategic focus continues to shift to the Indo-Pacific Command area of responsibility.
During the “Road Show,” JTWC is typically represented by the Training Department Head and accompanied by the Director or Operations Department Head on alternating years, and major DOD units are visited, including bases on Guam, Okinawa, Japan, and South Korea.
In each location, JTWC offers training for forward-deployed weather personnel across the services, with a focus on tropical cyclone operations and JTWC warning and decision-support products.
The U.S.-Japanese Alliance remains committed to maritime security and ongoing efforts to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific area.
JMSDF and U.S. naval forces regularly operate together around the globe. This year the two navies participated in exercises such as Noble Fusion, Sea Dragon, Resilient Shield, and numerous other bilateral engagements.
JTWC is the official source for tropical cyclone analyses and forecasts for Guam, CNMI, Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands and maintains a crucial and long-standing partnership with WFO Guam that ensures preparedness and maximizes public safety during typhoon season and beyond. The warnings are primarily intended for protection of military ships, aircraft and installations jointly operating with partners and allies around the world.
Located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, JTWC consists of a team of U.S. Navy and Air Force personnel tasked with tropical cyclone analysis, forecasting, and decision support for the U.S. Department of Defense and other U.S. government agencies across the Eastern Hemisphere, including the western North Pacific, Indian Ocean, and South Pacific.
JTWC is one of 14 subordinate commands to U.S. Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command that directs and oversees more than 2,500 globally-distributed military and civilian personnel who collect, process and exploit environmental information to assist Fleet and Joint Commanders in all warfare areas to make better decisions, based on assured environmental information, faster than the adversary.
For more information about Naval Oceanography’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center, contact or 228-688-4147.
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