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C-School Honor Graduate Reenlists in the US Navy

08 June 2023

From By Mass Communications Specialist 1st Class Bryan Niegel, Navy Office of Community Outreach

Aerographer's mate Petty Officer 2nd Class Shayle Klemish, a native of Northridge, California, reenlisted after completing aerographer's mate C-school course at Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit Keesler on Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi.

The course lasts for a duration of nine months, and upon completion, sailors become qualified as Navy meteorologists and oceanographers.

Klemish enlisted in the Navy four years ago and currently serves as an aerographer's mate.

"I decided to join the Navy because of the incredible financial opportunities it offered me and the promising start it provided for my life," expressed Klemish.

Having grown up in Northridge, Klemish attended Golden Valley High School and graduated in 2016. The skills and values acquired during that time continue to contribute to Klemish's success in the military.

"My father taught me the importance of strength and caring for others while I was growing up," Klemish shared. "I have always strived to embody this mentality in my service."

These lessons have proven invaluable to Klemish throughout their tenure in the Navy.

The Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command oversees a global network of over 2,500 military and civilian personnel who collect, process, and utilize environmental information to aid Fleet and Joint Commanders in making timely and informed decisions, surpassing the capabilities of their adversaries.

Navy Meteorology and Oceanography (METOC) members play a critical role in providing technical and tactical advice to support Navy operations in the air, at sea, and underwater. They are vital to the functioning of Navy equipment, personnel, and decision-making processes.

Naval Oceanography encompasses a diverse range of missions essential for supporting the current Naval fleet. These include oceanography, hydrography, meteorology, climate science, geospatial information science, astrometry, Earth orientation, and precise timekeeping.

As a member of the Navy, Klemish contributes to a world-class organization committed to maintaining maritime dominance, strengthening partnerships, enhancing warfighting capabilities, and sustaining combat-ready forces in alignment with the National Defense Strategy.

"The Navy plays a crucial role in national defense by ensuring the safety of our waters and foreign waters for ourselves and our allies," affirmed Klemish.

Klemish and their fellow sailors have numerous opportunities to achieve significant milestones during their military service.

"Graduating C-school as an honor graduate is my proudest accomplishment," shared Klemish.

As Klemish and other sailors continue to train and carry out missions, they take immense pride in their service to their country as members of the United States Navy.

"Serving in the Navy guarantees a prosperous future for myself and my family," added Klemish.


Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command | 1100 Balch Blvd. | Stennis Space Center, Mississippi 39529

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